Whats Trending in Social Media

Whats Trending in Social Media

Do you want to know what is trending in social media? We present to you the article published in economic times this year. Have a look

Whats Trending in Social Media

Whats Trending in Social Media

Websites still rule

Perhaps the single most intriguing insight from the study is that brands still feel their website is the most effective means to engage with customers. That’s despite the allure of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, among others.

Mobile supremacy

For brands and consumers, mobile is increasingly becoming the primary screen of choice. 72% of the 90 brands that participated in the survey have a mobile app and a mobile-friendly website.

Digital pie is getting bigger

As more digital natives enter the market and smartphones become ubiquitous, this is not surprising. 80% of the brands surveyed advertise on web, social and mobile. Digital ad spending is expected to grow faster than other marketing channels in India (47.5% Increase yoy in 2016). Also it’s no more an afterthought. Brands are taking a more holistic approach. 60% of brands use a 360 degree or an omni-channel approach to marketing.

Loosening of advertisers’ purse strings

Brands have becoming less stingy when it comes to allocating budgets for digital and social media. 44% of brands spend more than 20% of their marketing budget on digital. While 24% are spending more than 16% or more.

What stays the same are the challenges

1) Sustaining or increasing engagement rates
2) Content creation
3) Measuring effectiveness.

What the consistency in the top three challenges indicate is the fact that brands are not quite adept at driving and sustaining quality engagement with their communities, a factor they ought to focus on first instead of indiscriminately launching channels.

The marketing universe is littered with examples of brands faux pas on social media or brands being slammed online for what they do offline. And then getting pilloried for their response (or no response) online. Yet over 50% of the brands still don’t have emergency response plans. 44% don’t have a formal social media policy and governance structure where social media teams are completely aligned with organizational policies. Brands and customers feel that regular engagement and customer servicing on social media are the best ways to promote engagement and conversion.

However, customers it seems value referrals more than brands’ that focus on exclusive promotions for fans. Instagram is becoming increasingly popular among brands and consumers. 60% of brands surveyed included it as one of their official social media channels. With Instagram getting more aggressive on the advertising front and brands being provided tools and better formats to advertise, this channel is set to witness a significant uptake.