How to Use Facebook Login on Your Website

How to Use Facebook Login on Your Website

Facebook Login is a secure, fast and convenient way for people to log into your app or website. When you let visitors log into your site with their Facebook profile, you can collect their demographic attributes and other characteristics. This way you can effectively track down your visitors.

Create Account

Create a developers account on Facebook. To do this, navigate to and log in with your Facebook credentials. Then click Create App. Type in a name for your app and choose the category that best describes your website. Click the Get Started button for Facebook Login.

Add the URL of your site.

Select the Website option by clicking on the +platform by navigating to settings> basic

If your app asks for permission from website visitors to access information other than their email address, friend list, and public profile info, you’ll need approval from Facebook before you can start using the app.

Plugin Configurator to Add the Login App to Your Website

How to Use Facebook Login on Your Website

Once someone has clicked the Login Button, and accepted the Login Dialog – completing the Login flow – your app can now use the Facebook SDK for JavaScript to make API calls on behalf of that person.

Logging People In

Whether someone is not logged into your app or not logged into Facebook, you can use the Login dialog to prompt them to do both. If they aren’t logged into Facebook, they’ll be prompted to login and then move onto logging into your app. This is automatically detected, so you don’t need to do anything extra to enable this behavior.

How to Use Facebook Login on Your Website

Re-asking for Declined Permissions

Facebook Login lets people decline sharing some permissions with your app. The Login Dialog contains a screen that looks like this:

Use Facebook Login on Your Website