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How to Use Facebook Login on Your Website Facebook Login is a secure, fast and convenient way for people to log into your app or website. When you let visitors log into your site with their Facebook profile, you can collect their demographic attributes and other characteristics. This way you can effectively track down your […]

7 Tips for Marking Your Brand More Likable on Social Media Almost all of us yearn to be famous. While most of us live our lives in anonymity, as a renowned personality or brand you can have an impact on the world, leave a meaningful legacy behind, and have your brand remembered for ages. Today, […]

How to Use Instagram Live Instagram introduced Instagram live a few weeks ago. The new feature allows users to stream real-time videos via Instagram Stories. But unlike Facebook Live and Periscope, Instagram Live videos aren’t hosted on the platform. They are immediately deleted after each live session. However, as a business, you have the option […]

6 Best Social Media Blogs for 2017 Social media and social networking sites aren’t just about making new friends. These concepts have introduced a whole new way of communicating and managing information with the help of Web-based communities, software and tools to build business contacts, and design marketing and branding strategies. These tools help users […]

Whats Trending in Social Media Do you want to know what is trending in social media? We present to you the article published in economic times this year. Have a look Websites still rule Perhaps the single most intriguing insight from the study is that brands still feel their website is the most effective means […]

5 Ways to Sell More Products via Social Media Do you want to increase your current sales percentage on social media? Are you finding ways to grab attention of your customers to buy your product? Well just a few amendments in your branding style and you can get all the attention you want and get […]

Social Media Trends in India Over the past few years, the digital and social media landscape in India has shown that India Inc. Is embracing social media to attract, engage and transact with its customers. For the third edition of the Social Media Marketing India Trends Study, we wanted to understand what has changed and […]

4 Ways to Promote Your Products on Social Media With billions of people around the world using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is important to include these communities when promoting a product or a business. The number of people you can reach is a huge benefit to using social networking […]

How to Improve Your Blog Posts With YouTube Videos Do you need new ideas for your blog posts? Have you thought of embedding videos to improve your posts? Combining YouTube videos with your written content can help you stand out from your competitors. In this post, we are discussing how can you improve your blog […]