5 Ways to Sell More Products via Social Media

5 Ways to Sell More Products via Social Media

Do you want to increase your current sales percentage on social media? Are you finding ways to grab attention of your customers to buy your product? Well just a few amendments in your branding style and you can get all the attention you want and get a competitive edge over your competitors. In this post, we are sharing five ways to sell more products via social media.

5 Ways to Sell More Products via Social Media

5 Ways to Sell More Products via Social Media

1 Research platforms that your customers use!

A quintessential step for a successful online marketing strategy is to discover platforms that your customers use, that is the way to find your most active customers. You will also get to know which social network is more popular among your customers and competitors. Conduct a predictive analysis and carry out an audit with the help of any third party service provider to find out where your customers talk most about your brand, industry, product/services, and competitors. This will provide an insight about the current happenings. You can also use social media tracking tools to engage with your customers. You will also get to know where to invest your time and money.

2 Easy and smooth buying

Ensure a smooth and hassle free buying experience for your customers. Your customers are looking for simple ways to buy and if you are on of those who take a lot of details or ask your customers to navigate to a lot of pages during the purchase process. Then this might be a loss as the customer might not want to return to your site. Do it the right way by ensuring a simple and easy checkout. Remember your focus is to sell and not confuse the buyer.

3 Make it mobile friendly

As you’re creating your website on a desktop computer, keep in mind that many of your visitors will be visiting your site from their mobile phones. Make sure your platform is mobile friendly. Create a Mobile Version of Your Current Site. The quickest way to make your site mobile-friendly is to create a mobile version of your desktop site using a conversion platform like bMobilized or Duda Mobile. Use Mobile Plugins on Popular CMS Platforms. Use a Mobile-first Responsive Design.

4 Use CTA’s to guide your buyers

A CTA is what will guide your visitors, and lead customers along the buyer’s journey. Use them in your emails, blog posts, social media posts. Not having a website call-to-action (CTA) is one of the deadly sins of inbound marketing. Calls to action start the buyer’s journey and give life to a relationship with leads. CTA is the words you use to guide your audience through the buyer’s journey. For example, consider this

“Love this?”, if you think you can answer this with a “no” you’re way stronger than me.

You can start by adding a working call to action.

5 Customer feedback

Word of mouth is immensely popular as a marketing technique. But for services, online customer reviews and recommendations are gaining popularity. As published on Forbes- “The number of positive reviews you have on external websites might actually have a bigger impact on your rankings than the reviews on your own site. This is because Google’s local search algorithm incorporates data from a number of third-party directories and review sites like trip advisor”. This is the best way to capture the sentiments of your customers. Don’t forget about the importance of customer reviews and conversations about your product or service.